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Series Recap - Braves @ Giants

Written by Joe Lucia on .

This was the kind of series the Braves needed after the whooping we laid on the Mets last week. 3 outta 4, and the loss was a game that was in hand before Peter Moylan literally threw the game away. But alas, you can't win them all. Lets take a look. THE GOOD Starting pitching. Tommy Hanson allowed 3 runs and was dominant in his 7 inning outing. Derek Lowe was equally as dominant, substituting ground balls for strikeouts, in his 6 innings on Tuesday. And then there was Jair Jurrjens last night, who outdueled Tim Lincecum in one of the best starts of his young career. Only 4 baserunners reached in JJ's 7 2/3 inning effort...now THATS quality. And then there was Kenshin Kawakami, who only allowed one run in 5 innings today. A little more longevity would have helped. Yunel Escobar. 6 for 14 with a pair of homers and 5 RBI in the series for Yunel, to knock his OPS up to .857 on the series. Screw Martin Prado, THIS IS THE GUY thats running the Braves offense right now. His batting average has jumped 16 points since the All-Star Break. Escobar is KILLING righties with a .344 average and .931 OPS. God only knows what the team could actually get for him if he was on the market. THE MEH The outfield. Each of the Braves outfielders had 3 hits in a varying number of at bats over the series. Despite his 3 hits over the series, Nate McLouth is still horribly struggling with an OPS that's dipped below .800 for the season. I don't think he's very comfortable in the leadoff hole, but the team really doesn't have anyone else that could fill that position in the order very well. One of the middle infielders would probably be the best bet, but I'd prefer not to take either of them out of their current spots, where things to be going so well. Matt Diaz & Garret Anderson did what they've been doing for most of the season: producing adequately enough to get by. Ryan Church is doing roughly what Francouer was doing, but with more walks. Yippee? THE DIRE I can't really complain about a whole lot. Yeah, the loss today sucked, but Moylan shouldn't have even been in the game...the injury to Gonzalez screwed the whole thing up, as he's usually quite apt at getting out of the messes he gets himself into. No one on the offense played really bad at all, and no pitcher got lit up either. Just a real good series all-around against one of our top competitors in the National League. With the Braves heading up to Milwaukee this weekend, the team needs some momentum to keep rolling over another team in the hunt for the playoffs, who have a nearly identical record as the Braves. Preview coming up this evening!

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