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Series Recap - Braves @ Marlins

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Yucky series, but at least the Braves pulled the third game out of the fire. Would have really liked 2 out of 3, but what can you do? Recap below... THE GOOD Garret Anderson. He's playing so unbelievably well right now...I can't get over it. For the series, Anderson went 6 for 12 with 5 extra base hits, and a walk for the hell of it. I seriously cannot believe how well he's performed this month. He's probably the team's player of the month for July, and you know he's gonna be in HOT or NOT tomorrow. If Soriano didn't have a bad game on Tuesday, his go ahead homer could have gone down as one of the turning points of the season. 2/3 of the starting pitchers. Jurrjens and Vazquez pitched wonderfully on Tuesday and Thursday, while Kawakami was rough at best on Wednesday. Vazquez was in line for the win before Mike Gonzalez allowed an inherited runner to score to tie the game, and Jurrjens was victimized by the equally as good Ricky Nolasco. Starts like the pair these two had this series almost seem like a disappointment after how good they've been all year. THE MEH Casey Kotchman. In what would turn out to be his final series as a Brave, Kotchman went 4 for 11. Solid enough. Lets reflect on the Braves career of Casey Kotchman...over the 130 games he played with a tomahawk on his chest, he had a .267 average with 8 homers, 61 RBI, and a 50:44 BB:K. That would be fine if he was a middle infielder...but alas. Godspeed Casey, we hardly knew thee. THE DIRE Kenshin Kawakami. Just a really, really bad start for KK...the cherry on top was the 3 run homer he allowed to the opposing pitcher. He couldn't get through 5 innings, walked 3 guys, allowed 3 homers...it was a mess all the way around. The crap that happened with Bill Hohn didn't help matters either. All in all, it was a pretty crappy series. All of the games were winnable, but because of a variety of factors, we ended up leaving Miami with only one. I'm not going to go crazy and start jumping out of windows because the Braves lost 2 out of 3 to our biggest current rival in the playoff race, but it definitely does suck. This team is good enough to overcome this series, bounce back, and take 2 outta 3 from the Dodgers though. Hopefully that can happen, and the Cubs pound the Marlins, and some ground can be made up.

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