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Series Recap - Mets @ Braves

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Yeeeeeeeeeah, thats what I'm talking about. Taking 3 out of 4 from our archrival and get to .500 on the season, AND take sole possession of 2nd place in the NL East? Pretty good weekend. At least the game we lost was to one of the best pitchers in baseball and not someone like...Tim Redding, who we beat around pretty good on Friday and tonight. Good times! On to the full recap... THE GOOD Starting pitching. Oh yeah, this was some of the best work of the season. 6 runs in 25 2/3 innings is one heck of a performance (thats a 2.10 ERA folks). And to think, our 2 best starters only allowed 1 of those runs over 13 innings. Pretty quality performance from the whole crew all around. Then again, it is the Mets and their horrible, terrible offense, so that has to count for something. Middle infield. Shawty got that fire burnin...Yunel Escobar went 7 for 14 with a pair of dingers and 8 RBI, while Martin Prado chipped in with a respectable 5 for 19 with a pair of RBI. Escobar has been absolutely fantastic in the 5 hole, putting up an OPS in the mid 800s and overall for the season, he's nearing his career highs in doubles, homers & RBI and we're only in July. Talk about trading him right now is borderline insane...but man, if we do, the package Frank Wren gets in return better be AWESOME. Think of what Oakland got for Haren. THE MEH Corner outfielders. Quick note: Ryan Church has walked more times as a Brave (4) than Jeff Francoeur has since June 9th. He went 2 for 8 with a pair of walks for the series and scored a pair of runs, Matt Diaz went 2 for 7, and Garret Anderson put up a monstrous 7 for 13 with 3 runs scored. Garret's OPS on the season is up to .740, and quite honestly, we shouldn't complain about it anymore. Him and Diaz are putting up an effective enough platoon out there, and he should be getting more playing time with Diaz switching his platoon mate to Church in right. THE DIRE Nate McLouth. Seriously Nate? He went 0 for 16 this series, though he did put up 4 walks today. This guy has been a massive disappointment since coming over from Pittsburgh, but quite frankly, many Braves fans overhyped the guy. He's not a GREAT player, he's not THE ANSWER, but he's a solid enough stopgap for the next couple of years. Considering that the 2 prospects we gave up in the deal are horribly scuffling since, the only real piece the team misses is Charlie Morton...and with the performance of the starting pitching lately, Morton was a piece that the team could afford to let go. But anyway. McLouth's plate discipline is whats really grinding my gears. In Pittsburgh this year, he had a 17.2% K rate and a 10.8% walk rate. In Atlanta, the K rate is 19.7% and the walk rate is 7.5%. Clearly, that is completely Terry Pendleton's fault, because he is a horrible hitting coach. Right Braves fans? :headsmack: Manny Acosta. I take back what I said about Acosta being effective. In his last 2 IP, he's allowed 6 hits, 6 runs, 3 walks, and not struck out a batter. Jeeeeeeeeeeeez. Thats quite a good way to book yourself a ticket down to Gwinnett...unfortunately, the relievers down there aren't much better (contrary to what looking at ERA may tell you).

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