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Soriano, part 2

Written by Joe Lucia on .

A few of my readers asked me for a comparison of Soriano to some of the other top relievers in the game. I decided this would make for a fun little chart. So I took the 11 relievers who went to the All-Star Game last week, and compared their numbers to Soriano. The results...were not that shocking to those of you who read the last entry about this.
All-Star Comparisons!
So how about that. Only Broxton has a better FIP and K/9, and a pair of American League pitchers (the inimitable Mariano RIvera and Joe Nathan) have better K:BB ratios. Soriano's one HR allowed trails both Heath Bell and Trevor Hoffman, who have not allowed one. Look at how poorly the multimillion dollar closers for the NL ranked on the list...K-Rod and Coco both featured very high FIPs (for supposed lights out closers, that is), pretty low K rates, and horribly low K:BB ratios. I find it particularly hilarious that NL players and Charlie Manuel fell for the overhyped, large market, expensive and rich pitcher as opposed to the quiet unassuming asssassin who plays in relative obscurity. I'm sure Toronto fans would be complaining about Papelbon getting in over Downs, before his injury. Weekend schedule: gonna bust out a prospect report this evening, series preview tomorrow during the day, series recap tomorrow night. That absolute spanking last night has me in a real great mood going into this weekend!

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