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Tommy Hanson has arrived

Written by Joe Lucia on .

We were all waiting for it since he debut a month and a half ago. When was Tommy Hanson going to bite his lip, bear down, and just start TAKING SOULS? We found out that tonight...would be that night. Tommy had a crappy start to the game, allowing the first 2 batters to reach. He then retired the next 3, 2 via strikeout. Crisis averted. Second inning was rough. First 2 hitters reached, then a strikeout, then a walk to the pitcher...so bases loaded, one out for Aaron Rowand. Strikeout, you're no match for Hanson. Randy Winn comes up and laces one to right center, 2 runs score. Tommy Hanson is displeased. So he strikes out Kung Fu Panda to end the inning. 4 strikeouts and 2 runs allowed through 2. TOMMY HANSON IS DISPLEASED. Garret Anderson homered in the bottom of the second to make it a one run game. So Tommy's only down a run now. He kicks it into high gear, with an 11 pitch, perfect 3rd, with one strikeout. Chipper hits a 2 run dinger in the bottom of the inning, and he's got the lead. He's not giving it back. Its all over. The Giants work the count to 19 pitches in the 4th...but they all go down on strikes. Everything is working fantastic. The slider, the curve, the fastball (which I saw hit 96 at one point, don't know if it touched any higher). Fifth inning? 9 pitches, don't make me laugh. 6th inning comes along...they work him to 14 pitches, but the extra pitches don't matter, 2 more strikeouts. Meanwhile during this time, the Braves offense is doing bupkus. One hit in the 4th through 6th innings, and he was erased on a caught stealing. Not that Hanson needs any support. He's cruising along, turning the Giants into pumpkins. 7th inning rolls around, and its looking like Tommy's last, as he's at 90 pitches. First batter is John Bowker. Ground out to short. Next up...Juan Uribe. Come on, its Juan Uribe. Tommy decides to take some pity on him, and lets him get some good wood on the ball...that turns into a triple. Oh crap. Here's Fred Lewis...and he somehow works a walk. Hanson is out of gas. Aaron Roward, pitiful little Aaron Rowand...absolutely laces one into the gap on the first pitch, but NASTY NATE brings it in. But the damage is done. The game is tied. Hanson...is displeased. Then Randy Winn again. Hanson is going on fumes. He walks him. Finally, its Kung Fu Panda again. Tommy gets him to 1-2...and gets a weak tapper to the mound. Inning over. Hanson's night is over. But he's not leaving with the lead. And the offense has strugged all night. It can't be one of those games. IT JUST CAN'T. Tommy Hanson wants a win. He wants to go to 5-0 SO BADLY. He can taste that Rookie of the Year trophy, and he needs wins to get it. The Braves offense KNOWS this. It can SENSE this. So what happens? Escobar singles. Anderson singles. Matt Diaz blisters one into a gap for a triple. Braves lead. Kotchman comes up and singles in Diaz. Its now a 3 run lead. Things look safe. The Giants take their horrible, ineffective reliever out of the game after allowing 4 runners to reach without getting an out. Tommy Hanson's spot comes up in the order, and of course, he gets pinch hit for. The pinch hitter is Ryan Church...new Braves, Ryan Church. Looking to make a name for himself in Atlanta, Ryan Church. THE REPLACEMENT, Ryan Church. So what does he do? Ryan Church hits a pinch hit 2 run homer to ice the game and put the cherry on top of Hanson's dominant effort. The Braves would go on to tack on 3 more runs over the rest of the 7th, and the 8th. One of those runs was driven in...by Ryan Church. Tommy Hanson (W, 5-0): 7 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, 3 BB, 11 K Game score: 63 Season: 5-0, 3.00, 48 IP, 38 H, 23 BB, 36 K, 1.27 WHIP, .215 BAA Ryan Church: 2/2, 1 R, 1 HR, 3 RBI Since trade: .263/.391/.421

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