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BREAKING: Tom Glavine released

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Tom Glavine is no longer a Brave. This is an ugly ending to a long, complicated, often brilliant career and tie with Atlanta. He earned many fans' ire when he departed Atlanta for more money and more guaranteed years in New York in 2003, and did the same in 2007 after initial reports that he was leaning towards returning to Atlanta. He finally took a one-year deal with the Braves in 2008, but it was clear he no longer had it, and that his once-uninjurable body was finally giving out on him. He spent months on the DL last year, and missed the first two months of this season before a successful rehab stint appeared to put him on a short timetable towards starting in Atlanta. It was not to be. The Braves let him go, and keep the $1 million in salary incentives his contract would have paid him for making his first start.

It was the right baseball move -- Kris Medlen, Tommy Hanson, and Tim Hudson all deserve the 5th starter spot more than Tom Glavine does. But it's a sad, messy ending. He won 244 games for us. It would have been nice for him to pitch one last time. It's not his fault Wren handed him a bad contract. But the contract was bad, and cutting bait was the best thing for the team.

It's a ruthless business, and sometimes it really is all about the money. Tom Glavine, the consummate professional, the longtime players' union representative, the free agent who went to the highest bidder, knows that as well as anyone. I'll always love you, Tom, even though I'm happy you won't be pitching for us this year. You were my first favorite player. I hope you stay with the organization as a coach, as a broadcaster, as anything. You're as smart a baseball man as there is in the game. You'll be wearing an A cap to the Hall of Fame in a few years. I hope there are no hard feelings.

Thank you for everything you've done for us over the years. It's time for the young guys to take over. I hope you'll stick around and help them get even better.

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