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HOT or NOT - 6/19/09 edition

Written by Joe Lucia on .

So here we are, on a day that should be a holiday, I'm going to bust out another edition of HOT or NOT. Its been a real rough week for the Braves...lets see if I can actually get anyone in the HOT category. HOT Martin Prado, 2B: .231/.375/.538. Yeah the batting average sucks, but hell, when you walk 3 times and get 2 XBH in 16 plate appearances, you're making the list. I'm getting dangerously close to joining the club that constantly puts Prado over and says he should get more playing time at second. With the way the starter at second is going so far...you know what, more on him later. SPOILER. Tommy Hanson, SP: 2-0, 1.54. He's the only SP who got 2 starts, and he won both of them, so I figured he's worth a spot on the list...I outlined my problems with both of his starts in the last 2 series recaps I did, but nevertheless, he's got a great ERA this week and won both starts. Good enough for me this week. Brian McCann, C: .412/.474/.412. I don't like the lack of XBH, but 7/17 is one hell of a week. The team could have really used one of those singles turned into a double or a homer (or even the return of the HEAP TRIPLE), but thats just being picky. Reaching base in nearly half your plate appearances in a week...wow, man. NOT The Starting Second Baseman: .118/.200/.118. Just horrible. You don't want an OBP that resembles my weight...its really not healthy. At least he only struck out once. Silver lining, I guess. Eric O'Flaherty, RP: 0-1, 11.57. Two for two for EOF, and the honeymoon appears to be coming to a close. He had a rather effortless outing against Cincinnati on Tuesday, but that game against Baltimore on Saturday...god, just horrible. The team has lost each of the last 3 games he's allowed runs in. Trends! Chipper Jones, 3B: .174/.296/.217. I feel like a heretic putting him here, but you have to do what you have to do. Not a good week for Chipper, and he's been slumping pretty badly since singlehandedly beating the Brewers 2 weeks ago in Hanson's first start. But maybe he's going to break out of it, he's got a hit in his first AB against Boston tonight. Until next week...going to do some of the M-Braves reports (probably both hitting and pitching tomorrow). I promise. Pinky swear.

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