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HOT or NOT - 6/27/09 edition

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Hey folks, sorry about not getting anything up yesterday...my new laptop decided to go bonkers on me and force me to reinstall WIndows...always a good time. So yesterday was spent reconfiguring everything I had set up last night...so awesome. My internet also gets very jitzy whenever I'm downloading anything...and I download a lot of fights...so yeah, not good times. Regardless. ON TO THE LIST! HOT Martin Prado, 2B: .412/.444/.471. So maybe that whole piece on Kelly Johnson I wrote up on Wednesday was full of bunk, because Prado was on a roll this week. Although he got into 6 games, he only logged 18 plate appearances, which is like 4 starts. Regardless, Prado is playing some pretty darn good baseball right now, and with Kelly Johnson's horrible struggles, he'll probably get some more playing time since Bobby loves going with the hot hand. Mike Gonzalez, RP: 0-0, 7K. 12 up, 12 down for Gonzo this week, and he puts the cherry on top with a K rate of 15.75. Soriano matched to top him in K rate (18.00), but his week was limited to 2 outings...thank god. Can't let either of them get too worn out, and in a week with 7 games, something like that could very easily happen. Brian McCann, C: .333/.385/.708. Is there anything that baby Jesus cannot do? Its unbelievable that he's probably not going to start the ASG, and that a fabulous flying Molina brother will. Brian McCann leads the NL catching corps in all 3 slash stats and doubles, and is second in walks, homers & RBI. He's got a 238 point lead in OPS on Yadier Molina. Unbelievable. NOT Kelly Johnson, 2B: .077/.200/.154. Oh Kelly, you're making me look like a fool. Heres hoping and praying that once July rolls around, he snaps out of this funk and goes on an obscene tear. Derek Lowe, SP: 0-2, 8.68. Lowe wedged a pretty good start against Boston in between a pair of stinkers, in Baltimore 2 Sundays ago, and this Wednesday against the Yankees. Good lord was he bad. Lowe only struck out TWO in his 9 1/3 innings this week, compared to 4 walks. Rates like that will not give you any success at the major league level. Pretty depressing to think we have 3 and a half years left of this... Nate McLouth, CF: .250/.290/.357. Oh Nate. 1 walk in 29 plate appearances won't cut it. Plate discipline is supposed to be one of his strong suits, but it seems to be a come and go kind of thing. Contrast McLouth's week to Chipper Jones's, who had a 12 point lower batting average, but an 80 point edge in OBP (which is what kept him off the NOT LIST). Little things like working the count...come on Nate, really? Schedule for the weekend...Yankees series recap will definitely be up some time today. Boston series recap will be up tomorrow afternoon or evening. I'd like to get the piece up on the Myrtle Beach pitchers today as well, as possibly journey into Rome. The Braves are off on Monday, so the Phillies series preview will probably be up Monday evening. I have no idea why I'm trying to bang out so much stuff on the weekend since my traffic blows on Saturdays & Sundays (hoping some people from the Kelly Johnson article bookmarked me), but we'll see what happens if I'm actually active. Take care everyone.

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