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Series Recap - Yankees @ Braves

Written by Joe Lucia on .

June 23-25 Yankees win 2-1 June 23rd: Braves 4, Yankees 0 June 24th: Yankees 8, Braves 4 June 25th: Yankees 11, Braves 7 THE GOOD Jeff Francoeur. He had a pair of 2 hit games and a pair of extra base hits. Thats about as good as it gets for him, honestly. His OPS for the season is still abysmal, no matter how many times people say HE'S TURNING IT AROUND!!1111 Pitching for the first half of the series. After the 5th inning of Wednesday's game, the Braves pitching allowed 0 runs on 4 hits. Then the wheels completely fell off, and the pitching allowed 19 runs over the next 13 innings. Way to keep up the good pace, guys. THE MEH Tommy Hanson. Hanson threw shutout ball for 5 1/3, but allowed 9 baserunners. He did get my memo and kept the flyball outs at the same level as his groundouts, but nevertheless...scary. I'm itching to see that AAA Hanson start where he allows something like 3 baserunners in 7 shutout. Can tomorrow against Boston be that game? THE DIRE The pitching the second half of the series. The bullpen got clobbered over the last 4 innings of Wednesday's game, especially Kris Medlen in his 3rd inning of work. Bennett and O'Flaherty weren't great, and Acosta just put the game even further out of reach. Then Thursday game along, and everything just exploded. Derek Lowe got absolutely annihilated (for the second time in his last 3 starts), but thankfully, the bullpen held firm with the exception of new callup Boone Logan (who I previously called a pretty bad pitcher), who got rocked. Sloppiness. 2 errors each for Escobar, McCann & Jones. Escobar & Chipper have been an absolute mess defensively this year with mental lapses all over the place. Escobar & McCann were both benched on Friday's opener against Boston with injuries (dizziness for McCann, the hip flexor thing again for Escobar), and Escobar is out of the lineup again today. As much as Escobar tends to screw up with his defense, the Braves do NOT want Diory Hernandez playing every day. Dude can really not field well at all. I really can't wait until Infante comes back and we never have to see Hernandez again. Injuries. In addition to the previous mentions of McCann & Escobar sitting out a game or two, Jeff Bennett broke his hand by punching out a door after the A-Rod at bat on Wednesday (the genius popped the bone back in and pitched the next inning, where he allowed a homer. Slick Jeff, real slick). It was also announced that Jorge Campillo had shoulder surgery and would be out for the rest of the year. Its a real shame that Campillo never had a chance to follow up his excellent breakout season last year at all this year, and I still firmly believe tht the Braves should have tried to trade him for something, ANYTHING, with the glut of starting pitching and long relief that the team had coming into the year. As of right now, Glavine is gone, Campillo is out for the year, Carlyle & Bennett are out for the foreseeable future...so yeah, all that depth is essentially down to Kris Medlen, and thats it. Funny how things work out, right?

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