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trade-scenarios-and-why-they-piss-me-off | June | 2009 Articles


Trade scenarios, and why they piss me off

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Baseball fans, and it seems especially true in the case of Braves fans, love to throw out completely off the wall trades and act completely serious about them. Why is that? Fans bust out some of the most ludicrous, horribly one-sided trade proposals I've ever seen, often times for players that would never in a million years be traded. My favorite one, that I just read this morning, involved the Royals trading Joakim Soria for...Jeff Francoeur & Manny Acosta. Oh, and the Braves throw in Kris Medlen too. I mean, seriously? How does that make the Royals a better team in any way whatsoever? I swear to god, people just say things like this to get a rise out of people. I know I do it, but at least with mine, I throw out words that make it completely obvious I'm kidding, like "grit", "scrappy", and "heart". Some of these guys are totally serious. Another one I read this morning involved a fellow wondering why the Braves haven't inquired about Nelson Cruz. Well, maybe its because Nelson Cruz is the Rangers best outfielder, and the Rangers are in first place. Just a hunch. I'm pretty sure I remembered people talking about Ryan Braun a month or so ago like he'd be available. This cute little Jose Guillen scenario that Mark Bowman threw out there yesterday confuses me even more. Bowman is a Braves beat writer, and he knows that the Braves can't take on any payroll. Why would he even consider this as a viable rumor, unless the Royals were so desperate to replace Guillen with someone thats even worse than him, but younger and cheaper, that they'd eat his salary? If the Braves are going to make a move, its going to be a lateral one that sends Francoeur out of town for someone making roughly the same about of money, like a Luke Scott type player. I'm not a horribly huge fan of Luke Scott, but hell, he's better than what the Braves are trotting out every day in right field (except for today thank god, and we'll see how that goes). Like Frank Wren recently said this week, there aren't a lot of good impact bats out there, let alone a cheap one. If the Braves really want to acquire an impact bat, they'd have to beg Liberty for some more payroll, or deal someone making a good chunk of change, like one of the starting pitchers (which I don't advocate at all). Regardless, its going to be an interesting 6 weeks, as the Braves are still in the NL East hunt with the struggles of the Phillies and Mets.

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