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3/3 Game Thread: ATL vs. WBC - Panama

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UPDATE: Well, we creamed them, 11-2, but Acosta played for us, not them. Weird, no? Also, in case you missed it, here's an interesting interview with the Braves' Director of Baseball Administration. No, I don't really know what that means either, but he seems to be a very high-up front office guy who doesn't spend a lot of time in front of the press.

Today we'll take a break from playing Major League teams and take on an entire country. Some of these games are a bit more nonsensical than others: the Pirates are playing Netherlands and the Nationals are playing Italy, while the Marlins are playing the Dominican Republic. Anyway, we get Panama. Mariano Rivera isn't playing in the Classic, which is probably good for the Yankees, and is good for us today. The only major leaguers on the Panama roster are our friends Manny Acosta and Bruce Chen, along with Manny Corpas, Philly C Carlos Ruiz, and El Caballo himself, Carlos Lee.

They also have a couple of Braves farmhands, RHP Yeliar Castro (21 years old, nice K-rate but a 4.98 ERA at A-ball last year) and OF Concepcion Rodriguez (22, .280/.340/.462 at Myrtle Beach last year). Neither of these guys is a complete bum, but neither projects to figure too heavily in the organization's plans for the next year or two, and they'll both need to show they can put it together at AA before they'll really merit a place on anyone's radar.

I was thinking about cherry-picking some stuff that our guys have done, but then I remembered: spring stats don't matter. Enjoy today's game, guys.

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