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I'm thankful for Major League Baseball, for the Atlanta Braves, and for everyone here. We don't really talk too much about the outside world -- you know, everything other than baseball -- and I like it that way. I don't intend to do this too often, but it's impossible to ignore the bad economy, which has already affected the Braves' pursestrings.

I love baseball because it lets me engross myself completely, forget everything else I have to do and join a community of thousands of fans, all rooting for the same team, for the same group of guys. When I watched Brian McCann foul off pitch after pitch in the World Baseball Classic yesterday, and then score a run on a Mark DeRosa double that cut the Japanese lead to 6-4, I felt proud as a Braves fan and -- yeah -- proud as an American. Baseball makes me feel good.

And, yeah, times are tough these days. I hope you're all hanging in there. I don't have any real insight, except a quote from "The Long Kiss Goodnight": "May the best of your past be the worst of your future."

All I really know is that I'm glad it's almost Opening Day. Thanks for watching the games with me. I can't wait for the season to begin.

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