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My Grade for Frank Wren: B/B+

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Back when I ranked baseball's general managers, I exempted Frank Wren from my rankings because he had only one major league season under his belt. But he has two offseasons, and in my book that's enough for me to be willing to grade him on an A-F scale.

I'd give Wren a B/B+.

He did a great job getting us pitching this offseason, and he had a great 2008 draft (though Mac gives Roy Clark credit for that). I don't give him credit for the Renteria deal, but he's had a couple nice trades all on his own: trading Ascanio, trading for Vazquez, trading Anderson, and I liked that he was able to get at least some value for Teixeira.

But he has screwed up on fixing the outfield for two years now. Neither Kotsay nor Garret Anderson is any kind of solution, and the Francoeur debacle speaks for itself.

The bench is a sort of a wash. The Norton pickup worked out, and Gotay wasn't a bad gamble, and Julian Tavarez weirdly didn't completely suck... Corky Miller did, of course, but I've come around to believing in the Ross signing.

The Glavine signings are basically lighting money on fire, but when it comes to a 300-game winner, I'm prepared to expect a little irrationality, and in any offseason other than this one, $2-3 million to bring back Glavine for one more campaign would be seen as a classy way for an organization to act.

For me, his biggest flaw has been an inability to acquire a big bat. I still wish Schafer had more minor league time, but I'm willing to accept his promotion. I hope that Wren will prove to be patient at promoting our core prospects, though, and I'd like to believe that he mostly has been already. Hanson, Heyward, Freeman, and Schafer are basically the test cases. We'll see what happens to all four of them this year.

Till then, Wren's a B/B+ in my book.


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