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Recap 5/23: Lowe and Glavine have strong outings

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First, let me apologize for not getting up a game thread yesterday.  I thought I was going to be around a computer yesterday afternoon and that ended up not being the case.  I'll get today's game thread up in a little bit, but thought last night was so great in Atlanta and Gwinnett that it called for a recap.

In Atlanta, Derek Lowe improved to 6-2 after going 7 1/3 while giving up only five hits and two earned runs.  It wasn't just his pitching that was impressive though.  Lowe was a key part of the offense that lead Atlanta to a 4-3 win last night.  He had two singles that produced an RBI and a run he scored himself.  Other offensive leaders last night were Kelly Johnson (2-for-4 with a homerun), Garret Anderson (2-for-4), and Jeff Francoeur (3-for-4).  Worse case scenario now, the Braves will take 2 of 3 from one of the hottest team in baseball.  Not bad considering they're having to do it without Chipper Jones in the lineup.  I'm not willing to settle for 2 out of three though - I want the sweep!

Up in Gwinnett, Tom Glavine had his first minor league rehab start in a game Gwinnett won 9-3.  He pitched the first three innings and threw 33 out of 56 pitches for strikes.  He pitched two scoreless innings before giving up three runs on five hits in the third.  Although he ran into a little trouble in the third, the overall outing was a success.  His fastball was clocking at 85 consistently through the night, which is encouraging because he was staying in the low 80s back in spring training.  Glavine will pitch again at Gwinnett on Thursday and at Rome on June 2nd. 

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