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The Last You'll See of Me For a While...

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I'm leaving the country this weekend, returning in two weeks. Kristi's gonna be posting in the meantime; hopefully the Braves will take my inability to watch the games as a chance to finally rip off a long winning streak. Jordan Schafer will teach Jeff Francoeur how to walk, Chipper Jones will teach both of them how to hit, Brian McCann will teach Brian Snitker when to wave runners home and when to hold them up, and the Braves will sign Jair Jurrjens to a multiyear contract buying out his arb years. If any of that doesn't happen, of course, I'll have plenty to bitch about when I get back. I'm sure you guys won't run out of things to talk about.

MVN is holding a Braves mock draft, and since I'm going out of the country (and not nearly as knowledgeable about prep talent as I'd like to be), I asked my friend Mac Thomason of Braves Journal to pinch hit for me, and so he mock drafted Donovan Tate with the Braves' first pick, 7th overall. Tate's the consensus choice, a toolsy Georgia high school outfielder, the kind of guy the other 29 teams can see on the board and say, "There's no chance the Braves aren't drafting him."

Have fun while I'm gone, fellas!

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