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40 Players in 40 Days: Clint Sammons

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There was a time when I thought Clint Sammons would make a great catching tandem with Brian McCann for the next half-decade. Sammons' defense has always been spectacular, and I hoped he'd hit just enough to be a solid caddy for B-Mac. But after two full years at Triple-A posting OPS totals in the low 600s, and showing an equally lifeless bat in his brief major-league stays, it looks like Sammons might not even be a quality backup for an International League team. The Braves will probably keep him around on the 40-man as a third catcher, but they'll need to hope that both McCann and David Ross stay healthy enough that they will seldom if ever have to call on Sammons. It looks like Frank Wren will once again have to go hunting for a backup catcher once Ross' two-year deal expires, because Sammons hasn't shown anything to make me believe he'll ever stay on a major-league roster for more than a few weeks at a time. Clint is a solid catch-and-throw type, but he offers so little in the way of offense that it's difficult to see him ever sticking.

The bottom line: Sammons probably last the winter on the 40-man roster, but the Braves should hope he doesn't spend too much time on the 25-man roster. He will likely never get significant playing time in Atlanta.

Since there wasn't a whole lot to say about Sammons, I'll just tack on a couple more links down here for everyone's enjoyment. To begin with, it appears that Boone Logan has accumulated enough service time to be eligible for arbitration. It was fun while it lasted, huh, Boone? He'll be non-tendered for sure.

Also, in her analysis of the Tim Hudson extension, Baseball Prospectus' Christina Kahrl toys with the idea of a Jair Jurrjens-for-Adrian Gonzalez swap (sorry, subscription only). I'm no longer so gung-ho on trading Jurrjens, but I can see that deal making sense for both sides. The Padres desperately need pitching, and they'd be getting four years of Jurrjens for two years of Gonzalez. The Braves desperately need hitting, and they'd be getting a guy who has hit an absurd .306/.402/.643 away from PETCO Park last season, and who is due just $10.25 million over the next two years. And to boot, he actually deserved the Gold Glove he won, as he led the NL in UZR for a first baseman. I wouldn't throw in a bunch of prospects, but if we could get Gonzo for JJ close to straight up, I think Frank Wren would have to seriously consider pulling the trigger.

Last but not least, we've got Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi (we really need to come up with a portmanteau for those two names) at FOXSports.com discussing ongoing trade interest in Josh Willingham. They name the Braves as an interested party. K-Ros says the Braves are worried about Willingham's back, but there's little reason to believe his past issues are chronic. They're also worried about his defense, and as well they should be, but he's still leagues ahead of the guy who manned left field for most of last year. And the guy hits like clockwork, having batted .265/.362/.481 over about 2000 PAs in the last four seasons. He might like to be rescued from Nationals Park as well, given that he hit .284/.384/.578 away from home last year. He's due perhaps $5 million in arbitration, and with another year of team control in 2011, he's worth a long look.


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