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Gary Sheffield Wants to Be a Brave Again. Do We Want Him Again?

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[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="by Aaron Doster"]by Aaron Doster[/caption]

Tom mentioned this on the comments yesterday, but it probably deserves its own post: Gary Sheffield is saying publicly that he wants to come back to the Braves. It's not exactly an unqualified endorsement, just a paraphrase by the Boston Globe:

Heíd love to go back to Atlanta, where he had two excellent seasons, including .330 with 39 homers and 132 RBIs in 2003. Or his hometown of Tampa Bay, where the Rays fumbled in signing Pat Burrell for the DH role. ìIím real interested to see who calls and who doesnít,íí Sheffield said. ìIím real hungry for a chance to play again.íí

Naturally, he's not motivated by charity. He wants 311 more hits to get to 3,000, and he still feels like he has something to prove. Even though he was a model citizen when he was last in Atlanta, I'm still wary -- he's never taken well to the idea of playing off the bench, and he's not getting 300 hits as a pinch hitter. (Lenny Harris, the all-time leader in pinch hits, had 212 pinch hits in his 18-year career.) He'd be much, much better than Greg Norton. But that's all he'd be. Would it be worth trying to tender him a small contract and seeing if he'd be willing to play a supporting role?


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