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News & Notes - 11/17/09

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Been a little since my last update, sorry about that...I've been swamped with school (coming up on fall break right now, lots of assignments due), my personal life (the less said, the better), Call of Duty, and this random illness that makes me feel like hell, but only really in the mornings. Maybe I'm pregnant. Regardless, there have been several little tidbits floating around the last week or so, lets hit them up, shall we? -Brian McCann won his third NL Silver Slugger award last week. Well deserved honor, considering that the NL catching crop is rather horrible. Of all NL catchers with more than 300 plate appearances, McCann is third in batting average, first in slugging percentage, second in ISO, and first in both homers & RBI. The guy I believe will give McCann the most trouble next year in his hunt for a fourth straight silver bat? Miguel Montero of the Diamondbacks. The guy finished 2 points back of McCann in OPS, and is just sliding into his prime at 26. -Tim Hudson's contract extension was finalized. The damage is $9 million per year from 2010 to 2012, with a club option for the same amount in 2013. Hudson actually took a 25% pay cut from what he made in 2009 to stay in Atlanta, so that's only good news for the club. We can invest that money in one of our other problem slots, like the back of the bullpen, first base, or the corner outfield spots. I talked about the monetary aspect of the deal a week and a half ago when I touched on the Hudson extension, and he's only been worth less than $9 million once in a full season as a Brave, his horrible debut year of 2005. For what its worth, Derek Lowe hasn't been worth under $9 million since Fangraphs started tracking salary value in 2002. -Mike Gonzalez signed with Scott Boras. Erm, problem. The Braves don't exactly have a huge issue with Boras clients, considering men like Gary Sheffield, JD Drew, and last year's free agent prize Derek Lowe have all worn the tomahawk on the chest, but its worth noting that only Lowe was actually signed by the Braves, and both Sheffield and Drew turned down extension offers. I'd like to bring one of Gonzalez and Soriano back to the team for 2010, and I'd prefer Gonzalez. Soriano was worth twice as much as Gonzalez over 2009, but theres something about him I don't totally like...whatever though. Ideally, I'd like them BOTH back, but that would leave little to no room to take care of the other 2 gaping holes on the team: right field and first base. -Buddy Carlyle signed with the Nippon Ham Fighters. Farewell, so long. Leaves a roster spot for Luis Valdez. -Very loose rumors are floating around that the Brewers may have interest in Javier Vazquez or Derek Lowe. I don't really like what Milwaukee has to offer, unless they'd offer Prince Fielder...which would probably end up costing Vazquez, but at the same time, I'd wet myself because its PRINCE FIELDER. Just no Corey Hart...that lanky dude isn't more than a fourth outfielder. -Tommy Hanson finished a distant third in the NL Rookie of the Year voting behind Chris Coghlan of the Marlins and JA Happ of the Phillies. For what its worth, my hypothetical ballot that I posted nowhere on the internet went McCutcheon/Hanson/Coghlan. Happ being named on every ballot and nearly winning the thing makes me chuckle. God bless playing for a first place team! Good luck with that 4.46 FIP in starts JA, you're gonna need it. Only positive about him is that he's a Northwestern grad, which is my favorite college team. I'm a Penn State student...not a Penn State fan. Thats all I've got for now...I'll attempt to get more constant updates going lately, things appear to have calmed down quite a bit.

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