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News & Notes - 11/19/09

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Mark Bowman updated his MLBlog today with some interesting little tidbits, lets take a look at some of them, shall we? -Frank Wren says there is a lot of trade talk rolling around. Lowe? Vazquez? Johnson? Kawakami? Those are the only real guys I can imagine even getting traded out of Atlanta this offseason. I'm certainly hoping people are talking about our pitchers and not offering us 2 nickels for a quarter. If one of them has to go, I'd like a return that can help us in 2010, and not 2013. Like I've been saying the whole time...a capable bat or relief arm would be fantastic. I don't want a couple of A-ball prospects, unless they're absolutely can't miss dudes...and I don't think teams would be willing to trade can't miss prospects for a year of Vazquez or Lowe's bloated contract. -Signing an outfielder isn't a huge priority, because the team is content to let Jason Heyward get a chance at the starting job in 2010. Not really sure how I feel about this, to be honest with you. I think Heyward could use a month or two in Gwinnett to get his feet wet at a higher level, and I really don't want to see him get rushed to the majors...he's got all the tools and maturity to deal with it, but I just want to be super cautious with someone as special as him. Jay Bruce was a similar uber-prospect to Heyward, and he got 99 games in at AAA in 2007 & 2008 before getting the call. Though in fairness to Heyward, he's got a much better eye than Bruce and less power. -The Braves are interested in Billy Wagner. I'd put Wagner probably third on my list of closers I want, behind Soriano and Gonzalez.  Wagner looked awesome coming back from Tommy John near the end of last year, with 26 strikeouts in 15 2/3 innings. The walk total was high, but remember, it normally takes a year to get everything back after TJ. Wagner made $10.5 million last year, and I wouldn't want to pay him that much, but something in the neighborhood of 2/$16 would work for me...I doubt he'd accept something that short though. -The Braves don't want Adam LaRoche back, but not for more than a year because of the pending beginning of the Freddie Freeman era. I don't think Freddie will be ready in 2011, as he really struggled after getting promoted to Mississippi this summer, and is floundering along in the AFL right now. I'd see if LaRoche would do 2 years. If he would, I'd be more than willing to bring him back. If not...take care, so long, thanks for letting us dump Kotchman for you. As delusional of a statement as this is, I would take a little bit of a look at Russell Branyan...rumors are that he wants 2 years, and he had a coming out party in Seattle last year with an .867 OPS in the only season of his career to top 500 plate appearances. Yeah, he strikes out a lot (a whole lot), but he's quite a productive player. And he was actually pretty good defensively at first in 2009, so there isn't a huge Adam Dunn effect there. On the docket for today is the next piece in my neverending look back at the Braves 2009 season, this one focusing on the starting pitching. Hooray! One more bit of shilling for the road. BravesHeart is now on Twitter, start following us (well, me) @BravesHeart. Also, search Facebook for BravesHeart and become a fan! Doing either of these will get you updated whenever a new article is posted here, for those of you who don't use RSS readers. Enjoy!

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