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News & Notes - 11/25/09

Written by Joe Lucia on .

More from Mark Bowman. Just to let you guys know, some of this stuff is really, really stupid. -Rafael Soriano and Mike Gonzalez are likely gone. Well thats a bummer. I'd still like the Braves to TRY to bring one of them back as opposed to running to backup options right off the reel. Billy Wagner was listed as an option, but I honestly think he'll probably only get a couple million less than Gonzalez..why not open up the wallet a tad bit more and just keep Gonzo? Doesn't make sense to me. -Octavio Dotel and Fernando Rodney are possible setup/closer options. I don't like either guy. Dotel does strike out a lot of guys, but he also allows a lot of walks an homers. Plus, we tried the experiment with him once, and things didn't go very well at all. Plus, dude is injury prone: he's only logged more than 40 innings in 2 of his last 5 seasons. And Rodney is just HORRIBLE. Doesn't strike a lot of guys out and walks the world. Pass. Seriously, hearing the phrase "Rodney coming in to close things out for the Braves" would make me vomit more than I've been this whole week. He is just so, so, so terrible. Please stay away, Frank Wren. -Miguel Cabrera and Jermaine Dye are apparently not in the team's plans. I thought the Cabrera rumors were stupid in the first place, since he's making an obscene amount of money and is signed a horribly long time. The Braves can't afford to throw 25% of payroll on one player when there are commitments elsewhere and holes that still need to be filled. Plus, the cost of prospects would probably be pretty high, even if the Braves take on his whole contract. Cabrera is still a stud player, and the Tigers aren't going to just let him walk for pennies on the dollar because he's making a ton of money. As for Dye, I still like the idea of putting him at first. His outfield defense is abysmal, but he could be a passable stopgap at 1B. -The Braves could sign Marlon Byrd...which for some reason, would make Jordan Schafer expendable. Zuh!? This really makes no sense to me. Byrd has been a full-time player for 3 years in Texas (a notorious hitters park) and is posting OPSes around .800 because of BABIPs that are way up in the stratosphere. He's got an allergy to walking, and prior to this year, never had above average power. So why he THE ANSWER all of a sudden? He's 32, its not like he's going to put it all together and become a premier player. He was above average defensively in left in very limited playing time. And how in the name of all that is holy does this make Schafer expendable? "Alright guys, we can rest easy and ship Jordan out...we've got Marlon Byrd in the fold!" Is this just something Bowman is pulling out of his ass, or is there actual fact behind this? Because cutting bait on a 23 year old 5-tool outfielder who had a screwed up wrist for most of his rookie year is just flat-out stupid. Especially when you consider that he's being traded because THE TEAM SIGNED MARLON FREAKING BYRD. I need to move on, this is just getting me angrier and angrier. -The Braves are going to wait out the market on Adam LaRoche and see what kind of offers he ends up getting. This is probably a good move. The Braves don't want a situation like with Lowe last year where they throw a big offer down on the table, and theres no one bidding against them. If LaRoche has no offers around January, and the Braves offer him like...1 year, $4 million, he's gotta take it, right? He gets his contract, the Braves get their stopgap, and the Braves also get some salary relief. Everyone wins! Thats all for now, the next 5 prospects on my list will be coming in a little bit this afternoon. Keep your eyes peeled.

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