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Suitors Emerging for Derek Lowe?

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[caption id="" align="alignright" width="333" caption="By SD Dirk"]By SD Dirk[/caption]

Jon Heyman of SI.com wonders if the Yankees could be interested in trading for Derek Lowe "as an alternative to John Lackey." After having to go with a three-man rotation in the playoffs this year, it does make some sense that the Bombers would seek to bolster their rotation this winter.

Mark Bowman of MLB.com has more: he tells us that "early indications are the Braves believe that the Yankees or Angels might be willing to deal for Lowe." He says both those teams will look to sign John Lackey first, and will then explore trading for Roy Halladay before really entering substantive discussions for Lowe, but it's not all that hard to see those two teams miss out on both Lackey and Halladay. Both those teams could certainly afford to absorb most or even all of the $45 million remaining on Lowe's deal. Bowman says that the Braves know they might have to trade Javier Vazquez, but if they can move Lowe, they will then enter into extension negotiations with Vazquez. I'm not a Lowe hater, but I really do find myself hoping Wren can move him so that Vazquez can be retained.

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