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OK, now its over

Written by Joe Lucia on .

The Braves were eliminated from postseason contention on Thursday. I am cry =( But in all honesty, the team was eliminated on Tuesday with the loss to the Marlins. That game put the Braves 3 out with 5 to play...and for the Braves to get in, the Rockies would only have to win 1 or 2 games over the rest of the year. That obviously didn't happen, and the loss on Wednesday was just the cherry on top. And the loss to the Nats last night was just a kick to the teeth while the team was down. The two losses to the Marlins were games the Braves never win...a nice comeback, followed by the pitcher on the hill immediately allowing runs, and the team not being able to come back a second time. This was the blueprint the team followed to a tee on Tuesday...and then on Wednesday, it was the good old "come back, but don't come back ENOUGH" game that this team has been famous for over the last couple of years. And the team MVP getting picked off 3rd to end the game? God, what a sour note. So we've got 3 days left in the season, what do we have to look forward to? Well, Tommy Hanson's season is done, and he did everything in his power to win the Rookie of the Year award. Lets hope that the voters look more towards impact (the Braves went 60-45 after Hanson got called up compared to 26-28 before) than unsustainable peripherals (coughhappcough). I wouldn't have an issue if McCutcheon won it though. We can look to Derek Lowe tonight, and see if he can get his ERA under 4.55. We can watch Jair Jurrjens attempt to get his 15th win, and possibly finish top 3 in the league in ERA. We've also got another Tim Hudson start left, lets see if he can keep showing some fire and make a case to get brought back for 2010. Then theres the offensive side of things. Adam LaRoche & Matt Diaz have been the team's best players over the last 2 months of the season, will LaRoche return next year, and Diaz be given a starting job? Will Bobby actually let Kelly Johnson get an at bat, or will he keep trotting out Brooks Conrad, who FYI, is 0 for 18 since the rosters expanded and he was called back up? Can Brian McCann have a hot weekend and hit 100 RBI? I'll attempt to get the postseason stuff kicked into high gear on Monday...I did a real crappy job doing the minor league recaps and really need to get on the ball there. Be patient with me, I didn't imagine being a college senior would be so frustrating. Lots of things to look at...just one more weekend left, and then we can all turn our attention to football. Of course, some of already probably have...I'm guilty of that. Go Ravens!

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