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Steve Phillips is More Entertaining Than the Playoffs.

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You've undoubtedly heard that awful GM and awful baseball analyst Steve Phillips is also an awful husband. He had an affair with a production assistant who apparently went crazy after he tried to break it off -- and, to put it delicately, the man who traded Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano did not deceive his wife with an attractive woman. He's no longer a New York Met, but for at least one day, his life looked a lot like their final record.

Call me crazy, but I think the Phillips story is, in many ways, more entertaining than watching baseball playoffs with no Braves. Honestly, who can a conscientious Braves fan root for? The Dodgers, our old hated rival? The Phillies, who booted us in '93 and are now a division rival? The friggin' Yankees? The LAAAAA Angels?

It has been rather amazing to watch Ryan Howard and Alex Rodriguez chase history, of course, and to watch Cliff Lee and C.C. Sabathia utterly dominate. (Of course, neither Howard nor Rodriguez is anywhere near the playoff batting average record.) It's pretty clear the defending Champs are gonna be playing the traditional champs, with the honor of the National League on the line. But I fully release you from the obligation of rooting for the Phillies, if you find it too distasteful. Their fans are awful, their mascot sucks, and Chase Utley treats the Braves like his personal plaything. So feel free to root against the Phillies, as long as you keep rooting against the Yankees.

And let's keep on rooting for all the other crappy analysts on Baseball Tonight to find asinine ways to get themselves suspended. Krukker, you're on my list...


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