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Roy Clark Leaves, Tim Hudson Next to Go?

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In all the discussions about trading a starting pitcher this winter, it's often been forgotten that Tim Hudson's option for 2010 is a mutual option (or at least it's been taken for granted that Huddy would exercise his half of the option.  All the talk over the last few weeks has been that both sides are amiable to exercising the option if not even working out some sort of contract extension.

But now, Ken Rosenthal of FOXSports.com is telling us that Hudson may decline his half of the option and test his value on the free-agent market.  There's really no reason why he shouldn't do so, except if he truly wants to stay in Atlanta.  Could he be using this as a bargaining ploy with the Braves?  The Braves have five days after the conclusion of the World Series to decide whether to pick up their half of the option, which they almost certainly will.  Hudson will then have until ten days after the Fall Classic to announce his choice.  One way or another, our starting pitching picture could get a lot less crowded if he chooses to go elsewhere.

In other potentially bad news, longtime scouting director Roy Clark has departed to take an assistant GM position in the Nationals' front office.  Clark has directed Braves' drafts for the past eleven years, and those drafts have kept the talent pipeline flowing.  Hopefully, Clark's departure doesn't have an effect on the Braves' notoriously excellent scouting system.

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