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40 Players in 40 Days: Jorge Campillo

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There's been a lot of complaint this season about Bobby Cox's overuse of his top relievers, and I can't deny I've been one of the most vocal complainers.  But at the same time, it's easy to forget that Bobby has managed a bullpen that's missing two very reliable if oft-overlooked pieces in Jorge Campillo and Buddy Carlyle.  We actually know very little about Campillo's injury: it's likely related to his decision to play in the World Baseball Classic, but he's been out for an inordinate amount of time for what the Braves have called "rotator cuff tendinitis," especially since I've seen no word of Campillo having any kind of surgery. (EDIT 10/1: I did find a buried AJC report via CBSSports.com that Campillo did have surgery on his sholder, but I remain unable to find any details about the procedure itself.  I think his health remains a large question mark going forward, though the surgery is a positive sign.)

The Braves' decision to keep Campillo on the roster rather than simply cutting him suggests that there is light at the end of his medical tunnel.   And with Rafael Soriano and Mike Gonzalez looking more and more likely to depart at season's end, it could be critical to have Campillo step back into the fold.   Campillo is incredibly useful out of the 'pen, as he can handle multi-inning assignments, attacks the strike zone, and doesn't mess around walking lots of guys.  If the Braves believe he's on his way to a full recovery, his return will really help to mitigate the loss of the Braves' two best relievers.

The bottom line: It's premature to put him down for a roster spot, but if he can recover his 2008 form, he'll be a hugely valuable if underrated bullpen piece.

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