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Addendum - Rome

Written by Joe Lucia on .

I forgot a guy when I did the Rome report last week. Whoops. Mike Minor. Oh yes, Mike Minor. Any of you who were around back in June when I was put in charge of this blog on draft night should remember the absolute venom I spit towards this man. So yeah, I'm sitting down at the table with a giant plate of crow in front of me. After finally signing (though probably not due to any fault of his own, thanks to the MLB trying to hold down bonuses and delaying signing), Minor debuted in Rome and was pretty damn awesome. He only pitched in 14 innings, and in those 14 innings, he allowed 10 hits, 1 run, and struck out 17...while not allowing one walk. Good man. I expect he'll start next year in Myrtle Beach. He should be on a fast track to the majors with his college experience. More news out of Bravesville today, as Bobby Cox was extended for 2010 today, and it was also announced that 2010 would be his last year on the bench. Who's going to replace him? My dream candidate would be for Frank Wren to throw the farm at Fredi Gonzalez and have him come back where he belongs. I firmly believe that if Fredi didn't leave for Florida a couple years ago, he would have been the successor to Bobby and Bobby would have left a little earlier. But these things happen. Rafael Soriano is currently on the hill in New York, looking to finish off a sweep against the Mets. The Braves absolutely whooped their asses this year, and damn is it ever sweet. Unfortunately, its probably not going to result in a playoff run, since the team is 5 out (pending tonight's results...Braves haven't won yet and the Rockies are losing). However...7 of the final 10 are against the Nationals, while the Rockies have 6 against division leaders Los Angeles and St Louis. God, it would be amazing if it happened, but I doubt it will. One final note...this blog has been rolling under my leadership for 3 months now, and its been a real good time. I'd like to thank all of my readers, as we just hit the 25,000 total hit barrier. Its really humbling to know that my work has inspired 25,000 visits to this page. Thank you all, and hopefully we can get 25,000 more a lot quicker!

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