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Written by Joe Lucia on .

Lets play a game (cue up your Jigsaw impressions everyone). What would you do if you were in this situation? You have your young stud rookie pitcher who's been absolutely dominant. In 8 innings, he's only thrown 98 pitches, and 2 outings ago, he didn't last 30 due to some rain. He hasn't walked a batter all game, and has only allowed 5 hits. Also, he's gotten THIRTEEN ground balls to 4 fly balls, and has struck out 7. Your bullpen has been very shaky lately, allowing 10 runs over the last 6 games. Your top 2 relievers are obviously gassed out of their minds, with the CAPITAL C CLOSER and the ACE SETUP MAN pitching in each of the last 3 games (with an offday on Monday), with one of whom already surpassing his career high in innings, and with the other coming up on it fast. But hey, theres the NUMBER THREE, who's allowed 1 earned run since the All-Star Break in 24 innings (legit stat, look it up. My mind is blown) and hasn't been obscenely worked lately. Common logic says that you'd go to him, or let the starter finish it, right? Well, thats if you're using common logic...if you're using the new logic on the block, which is called COXLOGIC, you'd naturally bring in the CLOSER because well, its a save situation, and closers must always be used in save situations. Charlie Manuel is also an avid user of Coxlogic, before someone told him that he had an option that was much better than his reigning Mr Perfect, who was acting in a manner similar to the way Curt Hennig is acting lately this season. So what ended up happening? Strikeout, single, double, intentional walk, single, game over. All in the matter of 20 pitches, of which only 11 were strikes. God bless the old school way of thinking, right? What I do know is that Tommy Hanson is now neck and neck with JA Happ in the NL Rookie of the Year race right now, and if Tommy ends up losing out because Happ had one more win or two...oh man. The Braves blogosphere might implode upon itself. Minors series recaps start tomorrow. I'm either starting with the DSL or GCL. Depends on my mood and how much analysis I want to do...keep your eyes peeled.

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