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Dear Milwaukee Brewers...

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Dear Milwaukee Brewers,

I write to you today on behalf of Atlanta Braves fans everywhere.  As you may know, our club is a mere two games behind the Colorado Rockies in the race for the NL Wild Card.  Accordingly, we will all be Milwaukee Brewers fans for the next three days.  We would appreciate if, in return, you could sweep the Rockies.  That's all, just a simple little favor.

Remember back in June when the Rockies swept you in Colorado?  You'd be playing .500 ball if they hadn't walked away with a couple of 1-run wins.  Doesn't that make you mad?  Prince, doesn't that make you want to hit some long balls?  Wouldn't you all love to be the team that spoils the Rockies season? 

The Braves are doing their part, winning 7 straight and 15 of the last 17.  With 21 games to go a few weeks ago, the Braves were 8.5 games back.  No team has ever come back from that large of a deficit with that few games left.  Remember last year when you fought your way into the playoffs?  That's what we are trying to do now.  We've got two more games against the Florida Marlins, against whom we're 8-7.  Then, the Washington Nationals come into town, who we've dominated 10-4 this season.  Meanwhile, the Rockies have to get past you guys (a formidable force indeed) and then the LA Dodgers and their league-leading 93-64 season.  The Wild Card is ours for the taking.  We just need a little help from the Brew Crew.

Since the Braves were your predecessor in Milwaukee, we believe that our clubs share a special bond.  During their thirteen year tenure in Milwaukee, the Braves played above .500 each and every year.  The Braves laid the groundwork for Milwaukee to become a baseball town, so that one day your Major League dreams could come true in a Milwaukee uniform.  We come to you hoping that you will simply repay us with a few wins.  We ask that our Milwaukee brethren embrace the role of the spoiler and take care of those pesky Rockies.  Pay them back for sweeping you in June in your house by sweeping them in their house!  Show them that they can't simply trot over you on their way to the finish line in the Wild Card race! 

With that, I'll conclude with a little prayer to the gods of Major League Baseball....May your starting pitching be lights out, your bats be mighty, your fielding be free of errors, and your bullpen be dominant.  

For love of the game,

The Atlanta Braves Fans

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