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Heres something else to chew on.

Written by Joe Lucia on .

I forgot how awesome playoff races are. And do they ever get the mind racing. As you all know by know, the Braves are only 2 out in the wild card with 6 to play. This deficit can easily be made up, especially with the schedule I outlined earlier. But theres something else to look at...and thats the NL East. There, the Braves are only 4 out with 6 to play. Its a lot harder to make up 4 games in 6 games than it is 2, but the Braves have made up 5 over the past week against Philly. Lets take a look at the Phillies schedule. They've got 3 left each against the Astros & Marlins, all at home. Not that daunting. But earlier this month, the Astros swept the Phillies in 4 games down in Houston. JA Happ gets 2 starts in the final 6 for the Phillies, and we all know my feelings on a pitcher who's had a 14:31 GB:FB over the past 3 games, especially in a bandbox like Citizens Bank. The Astros are a dangerous offensive team, despite their low runs scored total, due to guys like Lance Berkman, Hunter Pence, and Carlos Lee. Now a little about the Marlins. The Phillies are 8-7 this year against the Marlins, but here's the shocker...they're 1-5 versus the Fish at Citizens Bank. Zuh? Strange but true. Chris Coghlan, Cody Ross, and Dan Uggla are all killing the Phillies this year with OPSes over .900. I'm not saying its likely that the Braves will win the division, but its a possibility. If the team goes 5-1, the Phillies need to go 1-5 for us to even get the tiebreaker. My fingers are crossed.

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