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RIP 2009 Atlanta Braves

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Yeah, its over. A 5 game losing streak, capped off by a sweep at the hands of the horrible Cincinnati Reds, will really wreck your season when it happens in September. The Rockies are on pace to win yet again today, which would put the Braves 7 out with 25 to play. Yeah, I know you're all gonna bring up the Phillies comebacks from the past 2 years, but the fact of the matter is, they only had one team ahead of them. The Braves have THREE. For all intents and purposes, the season is over. So what can we spend the next 25 games doing? Well, we can continue to evaluate Tim Hudson to see if he's worth the option next year. After 2 starts, I'm saying yes...but obviously, the team is going to require more than 2 starts to make a multimillion dollar decision. We can evaluate bullpen options for next season assuming Soriano and Gonzalez both walk...can Luis Valdez be a solid contributor at the major league level? Are Boone Logan and Manny Acosta really worth roster spots? Can Kris Medlen or Peter Moylan be an effective closer, or should they just remain as setup men? And then theres the matter of the offense. Should Matt Diaz be a full-time player next year? Should Ryan Church be brought back, assuming his fragility allows him to play in more than 10 games this month? Just who in the hell is going to be the second baseman? Really interesting stories to keep an eye on, despite the complete lack of playoff implications anymore. There won't be a HOT or NOT this week, because the team played so miserably that no one was worthy of a HOT ranking aside from Tim Hudson. So congratulations Tim Hudson, YOU'RE HOT! Schedule for the week...minor league season recaps will begin on Tuesday! Yahoo! I'm going to start at Rome (or maybe the GCL, which I didn't touch on at all this season), and work my way up to Gwinnett, which will probably have its playoff run over by the time I get to them. Have a good Labor Day tomorrow everyone. Lord knows I'm going to try.

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