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2010 Player Preview: Troy Glaus

Written by Joe Lucia on .

The Braves new first baseman...will he be able to be more like Teixeira and LaRoche, or more like Kotchman and Thorman? Troy Glaus will be the 5th starting first baseman for the Braves since the beginning of the 2007 season. In those 3 seasons, the Braves only got a year and a half worth of play that was acceptable for a first baseman. Glaus is a high risk, high reward player (now, doesn't that sound familiar..) for this team in 2010. He missed nearly all of the 2009 season due to some recurring back injuries. He's being shifted across the diamond from third to first, which will hopefully have less of an adverse impact on his back and also help nullify his erratic defense at the hot corner. What can the Braves expect offensively from Glaus? When he's healthy, he's a monster. In his last 4 seasons with at least 100 games, his lowest OPS is .839, and his lowest ISO has been .210. You're gonna get a ton of power from Glaus, and that is what the Braves desperately need in the cleanup spot in the order. The team thrived with Adam LaRoche and Mark Teixeira hitting bombs all over the place, and struggling immensely with Casey Kotchman middling along not doing a whole lot of anything. But enough about how Glaus will impact the Braves lineup. What kind of player is he? As I outlined earlier, he posts good OPSes, and has a ton of power. What else does he do? Well, some old school fans are going to be a little angry with Glaus, as he's not the type of guy to hit for a high average. His career mark is .255, and he's never gotten past .284. He also strikes out a ton, with a career mark of 25.4%, and only getting below 20% once in his career...but that season was 2008, his last full year...so maybe we're on to something! Probably not, but it never hurts to think about. Glaus also walks a ton, never posting a walk rate below 10%. And one more number for you sabermetrically inclined folks out there: Glaus maintains a low BABIP. Career average is .281, so lets try not to let a BABIP around that mark take the blame if he struggles this year. Fantasy-wise...you can probably avoid him or pick him up for a utility position. There are a ton of good first baseman in the league, and Glaus is a huge injury risk. If you concentrate your draft around pitchers and wait until way late to take a utility guy...sure, take a chance on Glaus. But drafting him early expecting a fantasy stud is a mistake, and I think you're all smart enough to know that. He could also be worth a bench spot in a deeper league if you're willing to pray and hope for a good year out of him.

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