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Edward Salcedo Is Not An April Fool's Joke

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Baseball Prospectus prospect guru Kevin Goldstein brings us the following nugget from a scout on recent Braves signee Edward Salcedo:

"I saw where you wrote that he'd be around No. 5 on your Braves list, and that's way too low. He's not a shortstop, but he has a hose and huge power. Get ready for that guy."

Maybe one of the scoutier types around here can tell me what's meant by a "hose." Maybe his arm (which is said to be very, very strong)? Whatever it means, it sounds dangerous. Reader NickS kindly confirms that this scout does indeed use "hose" to refer to Salcedo's cannon of a right arm. You heard the scout. Get ready.

In far more pointless minor-league news, Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star tells us the Braves refused their right to take back lefty Edgar Osuna, whom the Royals selected in the Rule 5 Draft. Osuna allowed 12 earned runs in 10 innings this spring, so it's not like the Braves miss him much; if they thought highly of him, they'd have protected him in the first place.


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