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Game Recap - 4/10/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Braves (3-2) 7, Giants (4-1) 2 WP: Lowe (2-0) LP: Wellemeyer (0-1) The Braves got back on the winning track tonight, and it was mainly thanks to one man...yup, the man who was getting gored on the internet last night and this afternoon, Jason Heyward. He had a man-sized evening, going 3 for 3 with a homer, 2 RBI, 2 runs and 2 walks for the hell of it. I don't hear anyone whining about him not being ready now...but I do hear people jumping back on the super high expectation bandwagon, which is disconcerting...but there isn't a whole lot I can do about it except ignore it. Martin Prado had 2 more hits and a sacrifice bunt for the hell of it, which actually lowered his average to .600 on the year. What a slacker with that average...only .600? I've come to expect so much more. Runs started getting tacked on in the 9th, with Eric Hinske doubling in Heyward, and Omar Infante singling home Hinske. The rest of the Braves offense was cold...the other 3 runs were scored by wild pitch, hit by pitch, and a ground out that should have been a double play ball. Troy Glaus is the Brave of the day to get eviscerated on the internet...he started slow in the spring with the lack of XBH too, remember. He's not getting a truckload of money, and the only other real option in my mind was the one I floated this offseason that involved shifting Prado to first and keeping Kelly Johnson to play second...but since everyone hates Kelly Johnson, the idea was panned and I was ignored. Oh well. Lets talk about Derek Lowe, who started for the Braves. You'll see the Giants only got one run, and think "wow, Lowe must have been awesome!" Yeah, awesomely lucky. He walked 7, count em, SEVEN guys in his 6 innings of work. That would be a career high. The Giants stranded SEVEN of the 11 baserunners allowed to reach by Lowe in those 6 innings. Lowe was saved by Brian McCann nailing a pair of runners stealing, one on a pitchout at the beginning of the game. But there was a positive from Lowe, and that was his 8 groundball outs. Lowe needs to get both the control and the sinker magic working this season in order to be an effective member of the rotation. Hopefully, he'll be able to get all of the kinks worked out and while I'm not expecting him to be the 3.30 stud he was in LA, I'd be more than satisfied with an ERA around 4.00. The bullpen had no problem with the Giants offense. Peter Moylan barely broke a sweat in his 13 pitch perfect 7th, while Takashi Saito had to work a little getting a pair of strikeouts to go along with a walk in the 8th. Jesse Chavez made it interesting in the 9th, allowing 2 hits, a walk and a run, but got a double play by first week wonder Edgar Renteria to end the game. Sunday, if weather permits, will feature Kenshin Kawakami making his season debut against Tim Lincecum. You know, the 2-time reigning and defending Cy Young winner. I'm going to be erm...just a tad bit on edge for that one.
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