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Game Recap - 4/11/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Giants 6 (5-1), Braves 3 (3-3) WP: Lincecum (2-0) LP: Kawakami (0-1) This was an ugly game. It was delayed for 4 hours because of the weather, and the field was in crappy condition all game. And oh yeah, Tim Lincecum was pitching for the Giants. He walked Eric Hinske in the first inning, and Brian McCann hit a homer into the wind blowing in from right field to make it 2-0 for the Braves. And...that would be it for 8 innings. Lincecum would take control and ended up striking out 10 Braves in total while allowing only the one walk to Hinske. Melky Cabrera continues to embarrass in the leadoff spot, and is now hitting .120 on the season, with a dazzling .241 OBP. Martin Prado only got one hit for the team, lowering his average to .542...still pretty solid, eh? But in reality, the B-team was on the field. Troy Glaus, Nate McLouth, and Chipper Jones were all on the bench, and the latter two didn't get an at bat at all. Glaus continues to be reamed by fans on Twitter, despite him not being the issue with the team. Did you know Yunel Escobar's OBP is lower than Cabrera's? Just putting it out there. The team is struggling without Chipper in the lineup, because its pushing Omar Infante into a starting role...and he should not be within 50 feet of one of those. On the bright side, Jason Heyward hit a meaningless homer in the 9th inning, his third of the year, to attempt to atone for his error in the 6th inning that gave the Giants the lead. Speaking of that... Kenshin Kawakami started for the Braves today, and started off fantastic, with 3 perfect innings. Then Pablo Sandoval came into play, and everything eventually hit the fan. The Giants got their first run after Sandoval scored on an Aubrey Huff single in the 4th, and picked up 2 more in the 6th after a 2 run single by Mark Derosa first drove in Sandoval, and then Huff after Heyward's throw from right bounced off Sandoval and allowed the second runner to come in. The Giants tacked on 2 more after a Sandoval homer in the 8th off Kris Medlen, and Bengie Molina rose from the dead to drive in Huff for the 6th and final Giants run, this time after Matt Diaz had a flyball bounce off his glove and allowed Huff (him again!) to reach base. But lets get back to Kawakami for a minute. He wasn't necessarily bad, only allowing 2 earned and walking 1...but seriously KK, 1 strikeout? You're going to have to do better than that if you want to be an effective starter in America. Kris Medlen's first inning, the 7th, was dazzling, but it came apart when he faced the heart of the Giants order in the 8th, and he allowed the aforementioned Sandoval homer. The Braves travel down the California coastline to take on the San Diego Padres tomorrow in a 3 game set with an odd offday midseries on Tuesday. Jair Jurrjens will take the hill for the Braves to take on Kevin Correia for the Padres. The game has a real odd 6:35 start time...because of that, I'm going to get the series preview posted either this evening, or very early tomorrow morning. Don't wanna have to rush to get it out right before the game starts. STAR OF THE GAME: Brian McCann. 2/4, 2 RBI, 1 R, 1 HR, 1 K GOAT OF THE GAME: Melky Cabrera. 0/4, 1 K

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