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Game Recap - 4/12/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Padres 17 (3-4), Braves 2 (3-4) WP: Correia (1-1) LP: Jurrjens (0-1) This was ugly. The less said the better. I said Jurrjens would regress, but I didn't expect him to allow 10 baserunners and 8 runs while getting 10 outs. Then my boy, Jojo Reyes came in and made me look like a moron, allowing 9 runs and 13 baserunners while getting the same 10 outs. On the bright side, Jesse Chavez struck out all 4 Padres he faced, and didn't allow a run! CELEBRATE!!!! The Braves offense was nonexistent, even with the return of Chipper Jones to the lineup. The Braves reached base a total of 9 times: 5 on walks. Only 2 Braves, Jason Heyward (2 walks) and Martin Prado (walk and a single) reached base multiple times. The Braves did manage to get a pair of runs, however...one on a Troy Glaus RBI single, and one on a bases loaded walk from Heyward. At least for one day, the focus won't be on how terrible Troy Glaus is, or why Melky Cabrera is the devil incarnate. By the way, Cabrera saw 14 pitches in his 4 hitless at bats and is now hitting .103 for the season. The fans favored leadoff hitter didn't fare much better, as Nate McLouth saw 15 pitches in 4 at bats, while striking out 3 times. But he DID come about 2 feet shy of clanging a grand slam off the foul pole...so I guess he gets the edge. I don't care. When you lose by 15 runs to a team as offensively deficient as the Padres, you tend not to care about baseball for a day. Today is one of those days. STAR OF THE GAME: Jesse Chavez. 1 1/3 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 4 K GOAT OF THE GAME: Pick one. It doesn't really matter

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