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Game Recap - 4/7/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Braves 3 (2-0), Cubs 2 (0-2) WP: Moylan (1-0) LP: Grabow (0-1) There aren't a ton of positive things to talk about from this game, but its a win...so overall, its a positive. I was not at all pleased with Jair Jurrjens' performance tonight: sure, both of the runs he allowed were unearned, but it was the way Jurrjens collapsed under pressure in the 5th inning that got to me. After the Soriano fielders choice that was an obvious DP on a blown call, JJ got a single and a walk to load the bases for the pitcher, who hit a check swing to Troy Glaus at first...who just kinda collapsed on the ball. A run scored, and the Cubs tied it. A sac fly followed, and the Cubs took the lead. In a situation like that, you have to keep attacking and trying to get outs, not pitch around guys at the bottom of the lineup and hope you can get out of it the easy way. I don't like the fact that he walked as many as he struck out, and what I REALLY didn't like was the 7 flyballs compared to 6 groundballs. Thats a trend that needs to get changed. Offensively, the Braves couldn't do a thing against Ryan Dempster. The only damage against him was done in the second inning, after a Brian McCann walk and a stolen base where he was caught dead to rights, but the ball was dropped. Jason Heyward drove McCann in with a double to give the Braves an early lead. The Braves would only get 2 hits until the 8th inning, when the game was won. Martin Prado doubled high off the left center field wall, and a couple pitches later, was jogging home on a huge Chipper Jones homer. Billy Wagner came in and struck out the side to take care of business. The Braves bullpen was fine, with no runs allowed and 5 strikeouts (3 by Wagner as I mentioned) in 4 innings. While we're talking...how about Troy Glaus's day? 0 for 4 with a golden sombrero of strikeouts AND an error that allowed a run to score. YIKES. Braves and Cubs return tomorrow night, with Tommy Hanson taking on Randy Wells. STAR OF THE DAY: Chipper Jones. 1/4, game winning 2 R homer GOAT OF THE DAY: Troy Glaus. 0/4, 4 K, error

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