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Joe is not pleased

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Details within.. After today's laughable effort against the Braves...yeah, I'm not too pleased with the performance. I'm taking a couple of days to step away from the Braves, and focus on banging out this final project for my strategy class. I'm not giving up on the team. Thats just silly talk when we're still in April. But I'm just taking...a break. The offense is in a lull thanks to a low BABIP, and the defense is looking pretty crappy. Players are making brainfarts all over the field. Its unbelievable. Things are going to turn around soon...we just don't know when. Don't panic, everyone. The team isn't going to lose 90 games, and we all know it. We're not going to have half the starting lineup hit under .200. Troy Glaus is not the antichrist. Be patient, be optimistic. I'm going to write up the minor league report tomorrow, and will be back sometime next week. Just...chill out, OK?

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