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Braves Announce AFL Players

Written by Joe Lucia on .

The 6 players that will be going to the Arizona Fall League were announced today...here we go! Without any further ado... -Freddie Freeman -Cory Harrilchak -Brandon Beachy -Erik Cordier -Kyle Cofield -Michael Broadway Well, 3 outta 6 ain't bad...and thats one hell of a 3, all of which rank in the top 20 of the BravesHeart Top 40 list. The Braves will be on the Phoenix Desert Dogs and will be coached by Don Mattingly, which should be GREAT for Freeman to pick his brain a little bit. We've talked a lot about Freeman, Beachy, and Harrilchak, so what about the other 3? Cordier has probably the most upside of the trio, though its minimal. He's improved considerably from 2009 to 2010, increasing his strikeout rate while dropping his walk rate and nearly eliminating his homer rate. Overall though, he's still just an organizational arm, not a guy you would expect to get much love from prospect sheets for. He'll probably start the 2010 in Gwinnett, and be fourth on the depth chart among starters up there. Cofield was shifted to the bullpen near the end of the season, and quite frankly, he's just not that exciting. Doesn't strike a lot of batters out, doesn't have a great walk rate, but he can get the ground ball when he needs to. I assume he's being sent to Arizona to learn how to pitch out of the bullpen and maybe harness his stuff a little better. Finally, we come to Broadway. He's a reliever who struck out a batter per inning this season in Mississippi and Gwinnett. Control was a huge issue for him, and he really struggled after being promoted to Gwinnett midseason. He's really not much of a prospect...just a guy. Third part of that series will be up either tonight or tomorrow...depends how tonight's game against the Mets goes. EDIT: there is a 7th player going to the AFL, and that is shortstop Tyler Pastornicky. He ranked 25th on the top 40 as a 20 year in AA. He's got amazing speed.

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