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Game Recap - 8/25/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Rockies 12 (66-60), Braves 10 (73-54) WP: Belisle (6-4) LP: Venters (4-2) The Braves kicked the crap out of the Rockies over the first 3 innings of this game. A third of the way in, it was 10-1. The Braves were 6/12 with runners in scoring position and had 11 hits, 8 of which went for extra bases. And then...nothing. Over the final 6 innings of the game, the Braves offense mustered 3 hits, went 0/5 with runners in scoring position, and flat out collapsed. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball... The defense got sloppy. Melky Cabrera misplayed THREE balls in left field and was double switched out of the game in the 6th inning. Jason Heyward and Rick Ankiel also made misplays that cost the team runs. Meanwhile, the management of the pitching was a disgrace. Jair Jurrjens had allowed 5 runs in 5 innings and was starting to get the crap kicked out of him. Naturally, he gets run out there for the 6th, and allows 2 more runs. His replacement Peter Moylan also allowed a run. Just like that, after 6, it was 10-8 and all bets were off. Eric O'Flaherty got out of the 6th without allowing any more damage. It would be the best performance of the day by a Braves pitcher. Jonny Venters trotted in for the 7th and threw a scoreless inning, throwing 16 pitches and going to a 2 ball count on each batter. Of course, he gets trotted out for the 8th inning...and it all hits the fan. But...it was almost good to go. With one out, Venters got a nice looking double play ball to Omar Infante...who threw an absolutely hideous lollipop to Alex Gonzalez, nearly making him faceplant and only getting one runner. Four pitch walk to Dexter Fowler...and Venters is STILL in the game. Carlos Gonzalez RBI single, tie game. Kyle Farnsworth comes in, another single. And another one. Its 12-10, and thats that. I'm angry about this game. I'm very irritated. I'm embarrassed. All the good that was done in the first 3 innings...rendered moot, by incompetent managing and a syndrome shared by my favorite college football team, Northwestern: lifting up your foot when its on your opponent's throat. When you've got a team down in the gutter like that...you can't stick your hand out and dust them off and give them an opportunity. You need to continue to kick the tar out of them until the game is over. The Braves kept their foot on the gas on Sunday against the Cubs, and it was a great win. Today? They didn't, and its a terrible loss.

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