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Game Recap - 8/4/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Braves 8 (61-46), Mets 3 (54-54) WP: Dunn (1-0) LP: Pelfrey (10-6) As I outlined earlier, this win came with a huge price, that being the injury to Kris Medlen that could be season ending, pending the results of tomorrow's MRI. Lets try to ignore that now, and focus on the game. The Braves offense woke up a little bit tonight, and improved their record to 39-2 when putting 5 or more runs on the board. Thats a cute little stat, isn't it? We'll talk offense first. I can sum of the efforts of the team in 2 words...Chipper. Brian. Yeah, the 3 and 4 hitters took control tonight and absolutely beat the tar out of the Mets all by themselves, with some pitching in from the others to add a little dirt on the coffin. Chipper went 3/4 with 3 runs scored, 2 RBI, and a homer. His OPS on the year is up to a more than respectable .781. For a guy that was left for dead back in May, he's picking things up quite well. His batting average is only .255, but well...you all know how I feel about batting average. And now, Brian McCann. He went 3/5 with a run scored, 3 RBI, a homer, and a pair of doubles. So yeah, he cleaned up too. And you know what...that was really all. Omar Infante had a couple of hits. Matt Diaz drove in a run in the laziest way possible, getting plunked with the bases loaded. Melky Cabrera hit his first homer of the year at Turner Field when the team had a 4 run lead. Alex Gonzalez and Rick Ankiel each went 1/4, though Ankiel gets a point of shame for getting picked off. And Jason Heyward...yeah, 0 for 5. He didn't strike out, and saw 23 pitches...so it wasn't a total loss for him. The Mets helped the offense a lot too, making 4 errors on the evening...3 of which were in the 6 inning where the Braves only managed to get one run across the plate. Despite the ton of runs, its not all rosy for the offense...1 for 9 with runners in scoring position, and 8 more stranded. Pretty fun to think that the game could have been even worse for the Mets with a well placed liner into the gap... Lets talk pitching. Kris Medlen was having a good game before his injury. 4 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts...he was well on his way to a quality start before he went down in the 5th inning. He also had an astounding 8 ground ball outs...pretty awesome when you realize he only got 13 outs. Gotta love the efficiency. The bullpen took over from there though, only allowed 1 run (unearned) in the 4 2/3 innings thrown. It wasn't all easy though...each pitcher allowed a baserunner, with Mike Dunn and Peter Moylan each walking a pair, Takashi Saito allowing a hit, and Kyle Farnsworth closing things out by allowing a walk and a hit before getting out of things. Farnsworth has been all over the place in his 2 appearances thusfar as a Brave...he's gonna need to get that under control. And when he does...well, I'll have a nice little surprise for all the readers of this blog. Tomorrow night, the San Francisco Giants come to town, and things begin with one hell of a pitching matchup: Tim Lincecum vs Jair Jurrjens. Talking with Dave of Fanball's Golden Gate Giants, one of the more active tweeters in our baseball community, we've vowed to blow up Twitter for this series...so if you're not already, follow me at @bravesheart, and follow Dave at @gggiants. Gonna be an interesting night on Twitter...unless I get fed up after 3 innings and go to the bar and start angrily tweeting while sipping a margarita. One more blog note. I got POUNDED with spam comments on Monday...to the tune of 20 or so in 3 hours while I was at work. Usually I get one a day, which I can easily manage from my phone, but that many...lord. If I keep getting slammed like that, I'll have to turn to manually approving comments...just know its nothing personal against my loyal readers, just trying to keep the generic comments on year old articles out of my sight. Thanks for reading.

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