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Martin Prado to DL

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Ladies and gentlemen, this is defcon-5. So Martin Prado's broken pinky knuckle is enough to send him to the disabled list. It'll be retroactive to...Saturday I do believe, which means that the Braves will have to survive at least another 13 days without their main table setter and probable best player. This will firmly make Omar Infante the starter at second base, which might not necessarily be a horrible thing. In 63 July at bats, Infante put up a great line of .429/.455/.492 thanks to a silly .520 BABIP. Sure there will be some regression, and there was no power, and he wasn't walking at all...but dammit, BATTING AVERAGE! RAAAAAAAAAWR! Here's hoping that the NL All-Star (snicker...still makes me laugh) can keep his hot streak going and get the table set for the heart of the order. He's leading off again tonight for the Braves, and thats where I expect him to be for most of his stint at second base. Replacing Prado on the roster is an old friend of ours...Diory Hernandez. Now, what do we know about our buddy Diory? He has no power. He is allergic to the base on balls. And his high batting average over the last 2 years is thanks to a super high BABIP. So pretty much...he's a warm body that really offers nothing to the team. He's on the team to occupy a roster spot, and will probably get the Brandon Hicks role from earlier this season, which is that of a pinch runner...except he's not that great of a runner. So...yeah. There were a couple of guys down at Gwinnett who could have gotten the call and maybe contributed, like Joe Thurston, Hicks, and Wes Timmons. Timmons probably would have been the best bet, as he's actually got good speed and fantastic plate discipline. But alas...its the Diory show again. Nothing like carrying a pinch runner on the roster when the Braves are in the heat of a pennant race in August. Please come back Martin, the team is going to need you...and I might lose my mind if Hernandez is getting pinch hit appearances in relatively high leverage situations.

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