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Notes Before Tonight's Game

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Just a few bits of news and notes before the series with the Marlins starts... -In the big news of the day (well, not really, but I'm sure people will make it out to be bigger than it really is), Mike Minor was demoted to the GCL and Craig Kimbrel was promoted to Atlanta. Now, as you read this...DO NOT FREAK OUT. Minor will make his scheduled start on Tuesday. He is only being sent to the GCL to get some throwing in. Their season ends tomorrow. He is not being punished. Nothing is wrong with him. On the positive side, this gives the Braves bullpen an extra arm a few days before rosters expand. This is a good thing for the team, not a bad thing. If you're panicking, freaking out, or whatever...just stop. -Freddie Freeman had an amazing game last night for Gwinnett, going 5 for 5 with 2 runs, a homer, and 4 RBI. There will be a more detailed piece on how good Freeman has been this year, and how under the radar his season really has been. No one is talking about it in prospect circles, and he is really doing some extraordinary things. For what its worth, I still don't think he'll be called up in September, and I don't think he'd immediately be a massive upgrade over what the Braves have at first base right now. -Troy Glaus is playing like a man possessed in Gwinnett, and that's a good thing. He's 7 for 15 with 2 doubles and 2 homers. Glaus does have 2 errors in the field in only 4 games...so maybe the great third base experiment was for naught. Regardless, he's going to be a good option off the bench in September to go with Derrek Lee at first base. I firmly believe both men will be able to contribute at least something positive to the team offensively during the stretch drive. -The Phillies got *swept*, at home, in a 4 game set, by the Astros this week. The Braves also got swept, but only in a 3 game series, so the good guys actually picked up a game in the standings. Pretty crazy to think about...the lead in the east is up to 3 games. The next 7 games are huge for both teams, as the Braves have a pair of series at home against the Marlins and Mets, while the Phillies go on the road to San Diego, Los Angeles, and Colorado. A 5-2 stretch for the Braves could ice the division. -In his return from Tommy John surgery, Kris Medlen has started a blog to detail his recovery. His first entry is up, and its some good reading. I've added it to the links sidebar. Enjoy the game tonight everyone!

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