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September Callups Announced

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Shockingly...not a lot of guys are getting brought up. Without any further ado, the players are... -Freddie Freeman -JC Boscan -Scott Proctor -Mike Dunn That's it. Kenshin Kawakami was optioned to Danville today, and will be brought back up tomorrow. To replace Kawakami on the roster for today...Nate McLouth! Welcome back Nate! While he was in Gwinnett, McLouth put up a sterling line of .234/.338/.383. This is in AAA, folks. He also struck out 21 times in 128 at bats...its like he never left! As for the rest of the guys? You all know about Freeman, from my oodles of posts about him. Dunn has served his time in Atlanta, and you should be familiar with what he does. How about JC Boscan? He's going to be Bobby's infamous THIRD CATCHER who will get a minuscule amount of playing time down the stretch, but will probably still leech his way into a spot on the playoff roster because Bobby is insane. Scott Proctor was signed this offseason to be some sort of bullpen savior, and has struggled, posting a 6.91 ERA in 41 2/3 innings on his way back from surgery. Positive note: in his last 9 innings, he's allowed 1 run, walking 2 and striking out 9. He could be an effective mop up arm down the stretch. Other moves...Craig Kimbrel and Cristhian Martinez will be brought back once Gwinnett's season ends next week, as expected. Troy Glaus will also be brought up on Thursday once his rehab assignment ends. I'm curious as what's going to happen with Freeman, who was named International League Rookie of the Year (what a stupid award IMO) today, as well as being a member of the IL post-season All-Star team. Is he going to get regular playing time, or is he going to rot on the bench? If Derrek Lee or Glaus have their injuries flare up, Freeman may be thrust into a starting role, which could be an interesting dynamic down the stretch, with 2 rookies playing every day. There is one man who was NOT named as a callup that surprised me, and he's got a right to be angry...and that man is Stephen Marek. He's finally put it all together this season, and been an absolutely dominant late game reliever for Mississippi and Gwinnett. 71 strikeouts, 20 walks, and 4 homers in 60 2/3 innings, and he's not listed among the guys that's getting the call? Insanity. I'm certainly hoping the announcement of him getting called back up is just being delayed until the end of Gwinnett's season, because I think its time to see what he can do at the major league level. Its worth a shot to see if he's got any future with the team past being a minor league system arm. Barbaro Canizares should also have a gripe about not being on the roster, but there is already a glut of guys at first base. He got a taste of The Show last summer, and could be a good bat off the bench for pinch hit situations. He could be in the same boat as Marek, waiting until after Gwinnett's season concludes. That's what I'm hoping happens, at least.

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