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2010 Season in Review: Troy Glaus

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Time for "Glausosaurus Rex", the Braves first baseman for about 2/3 of the 2010 season. Glaus was brought in by Frank Wren as a low risk/high reward kind of guy prior to the season in lieu of keeping Adam LaRoche in Atlanta, which would have been more of a financial burden on the team, which was really only looking for a one year stopgap with the Freddie Freeman era on the horizon. Glaus did about what the team expected him to do, but the way that he did it really surprised a lot of us, including myself.

If you went into 2010 expecting the superstar Angels slugger Troy Glaus, you weren't going to get him. I think that deep down, every Braves fan knew that wasn't going to happen. Instead, the Braves got an aging hitter who couldn't play defense (even at first base) due to a historically bad back and knees that were growing weak with age. They got a hitter who had one great month, one good month, and was near-unplayable for the other four (though the Braves still played him full-time for two and a half of those months). They got a hitter who, if he was given more rest during the season, really could have had a huge impact down the stretch. Instead, he was run into the ground by Bobby Cox, became a pinch hitter after coming off the DL in September, and that was that.

Below are Glaus' slash lines for the six months of the year. Note the insane May, and how it stacks up with the rest of his brief Braves career.

April (84 PA): .194/.310/.292
May (120 PA): .330/.408/.534
June (118 PA): .237/.364/.505
July (93 PA): .182/.312/.234
August (51 PA): .208/.255/.375
September/October (17 PA): .267/.353/.267

Looking at those lines, a couple of things jump out at me. First, one of Glaus' main skills over his career, the ability to take a walk, remained prevalent this season, as he had a 13.0% BB rate, right around his career mark of 13.4%. Secondly, Glaus' power absolutely fell off a cliff after June. It briefly returned during his smaller August tenure with the team, but completely vanished in the season's final month. Overall, the .160 ISO posted by Glaus was the lowest he's ever posted in a full season.

While we all seem to remember Glaus striking out a lot, he actually did so on a lower rate than in his career: 24.3% in 2010 compared to 25.5% over his career. Those rates are still high, especially when you're not hitting with any power.

When it comes down to it, remember a couple of things about Glaus' 2010 season. Remember the crazy hilarious double play he turned in Game 2 against the Giants. Remember the walk-off bomb against the Royals on June 19th. Don't remember him hobbling around like an old man on bad knees.

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