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2010 Player Preview: Cody Johnson

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Oh yes, this one is going to get feedback...boom or bust. Cody Johnson is one of those players that you either love or hate. If you love him, its because of his absurd power potential. If you hate him, its because he strikes out an ungodly amount. No middle ground here. Love...or hate. Personally, I'm in the love camp. If you don't know about Cody Johnson...well, let me give you a slight primer. Since his rookie league debut in 2006, Cody's got 76 homers. That's really good. He's also got 469 strikeouts. Thats horribly bad: a 37.6% career strikeout rate. I mean...really? His walk rate is decent at 10.1%, but still...37.6% K rate? Insanity. If Cody wants to make the majors or succeed at a higher level, he's gotta cut that number down...getting to 30% would be a good start. Hell, I'll even take 35%...he's only been that low once in his career! But regardless, Cody is coming to Braves camp to show the brass what he can do. I'm looking forward to seeing him hit balls onto the practice fields during BP, when I go to Orlando in TWELVE DAYS~! Yes, I'm excited. He's clearly not going to make the Braves final roster, and won't start in AAA. Its going to be a run in Mississippi for Cody, which is where he belongs. He's still only 21, so he has some time to turn things around and possibly become a major league bench player. There's always room for a guy with an ISO of .275 (which is the number Johnson posted last year) on your bench. Final projection: a long season at AA Mississippi, with a possible final week callup to AAA Gwinnett in the making. Could spend more time in Gwinnett if he makes contact with the ball a little more often.

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