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2010 Player Preview: Freddie Freeman

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Our roll down the list of NRIs continues, this time, with top 3 Braves prospect Freddie Freeman. After being drafted in 2007 (AKA, the Heyward draft), Freeman absolutely burst onto the scene with Rome in 2008, making the Sally League's postseason All-Star team after posting am .899 OPS and an ISO of .206, which no one thought would be imaginable due to Freeman's projection as more of a doubles hitter. He started 2009 in Myrtle Beach, and things went fine...841 OPS, .302 batting average, improved BB:K...it was going great. Then he got promoted to Mississippi with Jason Heyward, and the wheels fell off. Freddie battled injuries and inconsistency during his time in Pearl, and finished the year pretty badly, as he posted an OPS of only .650 with a tiny ISO of .094. Worth noting is that luck was not on his side, as his BABIP was only .263. However, all was not totally lost, as his BB:K was right around where its always been at 0.58. He spent the fall in Arizona and...rebounded a little, I guess. In just 12 games, he posted a .753 OPS. Not great, not bad...just kinda there in a small sample size. Its not even worth looking at the other rate stats due to the whopping 45 at bats he got. But regardless, against tougher competition, he held his own, and thats something to keep in mind as we enter 2010. What does 2010 hold for Freeman though? I'd expect him to start the year in Mississippi, POSSIBLY Gwinnett if he has a good spring. The Braves will nurture him, and hope he's able to be the opening day 1B in 2011. If Freeman's able to jump back into his 2008 or 2009 Myrtle Beach form, that shouldn't be much of an issue. If he struggles in Mississippi again, 2012 might be a more likely projection. But I'm going to go ahead and assume he'll rebound quite nicely, and be able to get the starting job next season. Final projection: finishes the year in Gwinnett while playing at an All-Star level and becomes the opening day first baseman in 2011.

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