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Damon to the Tigers: I Hate Being Right

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A week ago, I wrote: "The Tigers offered Johnny Damon $14 million for two years. I'm guessing that he's out of our hands." Though the two-year deal, which Tigers owner Mike Illitch personally explained to the media, was little more than a negotiating tactic, it appears that I was right. Multiple sources are reporting that Damon and the Tigers have agreed on a one year, $8 million deal. He's not worth that to us, I'm afraid. (After all, Javy Vazquez wasn't worth $11 million to us.) This means that our opening-day outfield will be relatively weak, however, and adds to the pressure to bring up Heyward early.

This isn't a criticism of Wren, as such: we literally couldn't afford Damon at that price. But it's a shame, all the same.


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