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Glavine's Back Where He Belongs; John Sickels Loves Our Minor League Arms

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Two nice things. First of all, Tom Glavine finally did what we all hoped he'd do: he retired and came back to the Braves organization, joining our front office. He's a very smart guy who also seems to have personal integrity, and during his long tenure as a Player's Association representative he undoubtedly made a lot of front office contacts and learned a lot about the business of baseball. I couldn't be happier to have him back with the organization for the long haul. He was my first favorite player, you know?

Then, John Sickels did an incredibly detailed and very complimentary writeup of the Braves' most prominent pitching prospects at Rome and Myrtle Beach, which you really just need to go read. The money line comes at the end:

Overall, the A-ball level looks very impressive in terms of pitching depth for the Braves. And these are just the obvious names that show up on prospect lists; there are other organization arms that could slot in, too. The bottom line is that both Myrtle Beach and Rome should have pitching staffs composed entirely of pitchers with major league potential, without much filler fodder.
Yeah, baby!

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