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Asst. GM on Damon: "Never Say Never"

Written by Tom Gieryn on .

Bill Shanks of Scout.com has a report from the Braves' Caravan in Macon today, where he quotes assistant general manager Bruce Manno on the possibility of the Braves signing free-agent left fielder Johnny Damon: "Never say never."  Shanks points out the similarity between Damon's situation and that of Garret Anderson last winter.  Both are Scott Boras clients.  Anderson signed with the Braves last year on February 22, at a $9.5 million pay cut from his 2008 salary.  Shanks also has a pretty good article on why the Braves need to sign Damon.  Though I don't agree with him on all his points, his point #1 is enough for me: Damon makes the lineup significantly better.  I'm holding out hope.


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