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Our Top Story Tonight: Johnny Damon Still Not a Brave

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So, like, there's less than nothing going on. I really would love it if the Braves got Johnny Damon -- because I really would love it if they kept Heyward on the farm for a couple more months, to get in his licks against pitchers with secondary pitches and keep his arbitration clock stopped. But I would be shocked if they did. It's February, which means their pennies are more or less counted, and Damon's already balked at 1 year, $6 million from the Yanks. I doubt that we'd be able to offer him much more than Garret Anderson money. His bat would look very nice in our lineup, provided that he doesn't remember how old he is, but I just don't believe we're gonna get him. (Apparently, we haven't spoken to Scott Boras about Damon in a month and a half, but those kind of rumors are about as unreliable as it gets, especially when Boras is involved.)

Sucks, though.

One piece of good news: it looks like the leader of the Pakistan Taliban is dead.

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